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Thai Boys Love Series: Here's all the shows that are coming soon

The BL boom is showing no signs of abating.

Thailand’s Boys Love (BL) empire hasn’t been easy for other nations to tướng dethrone. This pop culture phenomenon, which has become popular in many Asian countries, is on an unstoppable rise, but the kingdom leads the pack when it comes to tướng producing the best of them. 

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2022 is shaping up to tướng be another big year for BL series in Thailand. A selection of promising programs are in line for broadcast on both big and small channels. Let’s take a look at what fans can expect.

While waiting for these upcoming programs, don't forget to tướng kiểm tra out what's on now.

Art Adore En

A series adaptation of the famous online fiction of the same name, Art Adore En explores the story of Hin (Wuttipat “Dream” Rungcharoenarrichit), a freshman who studies in the same university as his long-time crush. But things become complicated when he meets charming engineering student Phayu (Thana “Prame” Sangiumkokgroad).

Premieres soon.

Be My Favorite

Be My Favorite/GMM25

Be My Favorite

Bot-Kawee (Perawat “Krist” Sangpotirat) decides to tướng utilize the magical power of a crystal ball to tướng turn back time and try to tướng win the heart of Prae Mai (Sarunchana “Aye” Apisamaimongkol), but he soon comes to tướng realize that it’s her boyfriend, Pi-Saeng (Gawin “Fluke” Caskey), whom his heart is pining for.

Premieres on GMM25 soon.

Bed Friend Series

Explore the secret love story of Jede’s friends from Middleman’s Love. Playboy King (Siraphop "Net" Manithikhun) and aloof graphic designer Uea (Supamongkon “Jamessu” Wongwisut) decide to tướng have a friends-with-benefits relationship. But as the days go by, Uea finds himself falling for King.

Premieres soon.

Chains of Heart

After experiencing an upsetting incident involving illegal smugglers, forestry officer Din (Tanawat “Kut” Sukfuengfoo) and his boyfriend, Ken (Sarunsathorn “Haii” Tanawatcharawat),  go on a mission to tướng reclaim justice and what they have lost.

Premieres on Channel 3 on December 19.

Heart by Heart

After promising to tướng be together forever, Foon (Phasakorn “Mac” Ratnaliam) and Nobi’s (Pantach “Garfield” Kankham) love is put to tướng the test when they are separated without even getting the chance to tướng say goodbye. But destiny brings them together once again.

Premieres on Channel 3 soon.

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I Feel You Linger in the Air

The first-ever period Boys Love drama transports Jom (Chanon "Nonkul" Santinatornkul) to tướng ancient Thailand after he dies in a drowning accident. In this unfamiliar setting, he meets a potential new lover, Yai (Rapheephong "Bright" Thapsuwan).

Premieres on WeTV sometime in 2023.

My School President

The music club is threatened by strict student president (played by Norrawich "Gemini" Titicharoenrak). Gun (Nattawat "Fourth" Jirochtikul), the new club leader, must give up his dignity and tự everything the president orders to tướng save the club from getting disbanded.

Premieres on GMMTV soon.

Never Let Me Go

Nueng (Phuwin Tangsakyuen) has to tướng take charge of a gang after the death of his mafioso father. He soon meets Palm (Naravit “Pond” Lertratkosum), a bodyguard whose mission is to tướng protect Neung from all danger.

Premieres on GMM25 soon.


Mandee Work/Domundi


Sittichok “Tommy”  Pueakpoolpol and Karn “Jimmy” Kritsanaphan from Korean BL drama Peach of Time (2021) and Thai thriller series Remember 15 (2022) will reunite in this upcoming action BL production that tackles friendship, romance and dark secrets.

Premieres soon.

Till The World Ends

There are only 13 days left until the world comes to tướng an over. A group of young men, including Art (Pakpoom “Art” Juanchainat) and Golf (Anavil “Best” Charttong), have to tướng help one another survive the apocalypse while looking for a last chance at love.

Premieres soon.

609 Bedtime Story

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609 Bedtime Story

After the success of Until We Meet Again, Thitiwat “Ohm” Ritprasert and Natouch “Fluke” Siripongthon return for another romantic-fantasy series where Fluke, who plays Dew, wakes up in Room 609, which is owned by a playboy named Mum (played by Ohm). Dew soon develops lustful feelings for the charming stranger.

Premieres on WeTV soon.