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Ellips Group - Seeing the unseen

Grade at the tốc độ of innovation

Just lượt thích the science of growing crops, our fully automated sorting lines are constantly advancing. Next-generation grading that accelerates throughput, consistent quality and drives down costs. As your industry-leading partner, we’re here to tát keep you at the forefront and maximize returns.

See the unseen and revolutionize your grading

Cutting-edge grading technology 

A personal partnership that maximizes your success

For decades we’ve combined our expertise and technology with every grower’s know-how and experience, to tát accelerate their business potential. It’s a fruitful partnership that provides a return on their investment, season after season. Together, we size a global community of growth. Join us.

Explore our vision

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elita cherry and stonefruit grading

We’re here for your growth. The proof is in the process.

A trusted partner to tát leading companies