lão hạc

Old Man Hạc (in Vietnamese: Lão Hạc) is the titular deuteragonist of Nam Cao's short story Old Man Hạc/Lão Hạc as well as the movie Once Upon a Time in Vũ Đại Village/Làng Vũ Đại Ngày Ấy, a composite adaptation of Nam Cao's stories. He is a farmer who wants to lớn keep his own garden for his son at all cost, even if it means selling his beloved dog, Vàng, to lớn bởi so sánh. He is also a good friend of Teacher Thứ.

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In Once Upon a Time in Vũ Đại Village, he was portrayed by the late famous author Kim Lân.


Old Man Hạc's character is full of tragedies: He has to lớn work hard to lớn get money, misses his son who has left for the rubber plantation, and only has his dog Vàng as a friend. Despite all those tragedies however, Hạc is nevertheless determined, never abandoning his goal of keeping the garden, even if it means selling Vàng, an act that breaks his heart. He also likes to lớn talk with Teacher Thứ while the two smoke tobaccos, drink tea and eat sweet potatoes on a daily basis.

When Hạc asks for Binh Tư (Chí Phèo in the movie) for dog baits, it initially seems that he has finally decided to lớn resort to lớn a low way to lớn continue living. However, Hạc proves that he's actually incorruptible after all, as his true purpose is eating the baits to lớn die after selling Vàng.

Because of Hạc's wiseness and pure heart, he's widely respected by the villagers, as shown when everyone attends his funeral, even Chí Phèo.


Old Man Hạc[]

Old Man Hạc is a widowed husband whose son has left for the rubber plantation to lớn get enough money after being rejected by the girl he loved for being poor. Wanting to lớn keep his own garden for his son once the latter returns, he tries to lớn bởi it by gaining as much money as possible. In không lấy phí times, Hạc often talks with Teacher Thứ about the his life while the two smoke tobaccos and eat potatoes together. One day, Hạc decides to lớn sell his beloved dog Vàng due to lớn the lack of money. Although the Teacher consoles him by telling him that Vàng may reincarnate into a better life, Hạc says that Vàng may reincarnate into a poor human one lượt thích his own.

Later on, Old Man Hạc asks the village's thief Binh Tư for some dog baits, saying that he wants to lớn kill stray dogs to lớn make money. This makes the Teacher wondering if Hạc has finally resorted to lớn a low way to lớn make a living, much to lớn his sadness. However, it turns out that Hạc actually uses the dog baits to lớn commit suicide, having been unable to lớn live with the guilt of selling Vàng. Saddened by his death, the Teacher vows to lớn keep Hạc's garden until the latter's son returns.

Once Upon a Time in Vũ Đại Village[]

Old Man Hạc's role largely remains the same as in the short story, but here due to lớn the movie also incorporating events from Nam Cao's other short stories, it's added that he's a good friend with Chí Phèo, who is also given Binh Tư's role as the one who gives him the dog baits. It's also added that vịn Kiến constantly tries to lớn convince Hạc to lớn sell his garden, much to lớn the old man's displeasure.

After Hạc commits suicide, the Teacher, Chí Phèo and the rest of the villagers attend his funeral, burying him and paying him respects. Hạc's death has a major impact on Chí, who has just been rejected by Thị Nở. Knowing that he has nothing left to lớn live for, Chí then goes to lớn vịn Kiến's house and kills the latter before committing suicide. However, this results in Cường, Kiến's son, becoming the new canton chief, replacing his deceased father. Sick of all the tragedies that vịn Kiến and Cường have brought onto the Vũ Đại village, the Teacher leaves to lớn an uncertain future.