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The official community/forum tiện ích for Xiaomi MI Fans.

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Get exclusive access to tướng the latest official brand and product news, MIUI updates, events, and contests. Share your experience and engage with Xiaomi MI Fans all over the world.

With the Xiaomi MI Community tiện ích, you'll be able to:
● Access the exclusive Xiaomi MI News hub
● Ask other Xiaomi MI Fans about their user experience and solutions
● Join Circles to tướng engage with users with similar interests
● Use the built in messenger to tướng communicate with Xiaomi MI Fans around the world
● Download the latest MIUI ROMs
● Join Xiaomi MI Fans’ clubs around the world

Xiaomi Fans all over the world get together in community to tướng share, engage, help, and make friends with each other.

Xiaomi Community is the place for Xiaomi MI Fans from all over the world to tướng come together and share, engage, help, and make friends with each other.

Better together in Xiaomi MI Community

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Ratings and reviews

I find this tiện ích quite useful, it makes for a good read, not come across any issues with it sánh far, it's worked perfectly sánh far, plenty of topics to tướng browse and reply to tướng if you can help of course, yep, no bad comments from myself sánh far, thx.

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Xiaomi Community User Profile Name "mafcarvalho" has serious problems with the tiện ích, from not getting notifications for check-in reminders, to tướng update frame "promise" failing miserably. Frame Center shows two new frames (update and Mother's day). My frames tab shows nothing. Empty. And to tướng finish I need to tướng have tiện ích night mode working on AMOLED screen. When something gets fixed, I will add stars to tướng my review. Thanks.

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Hello, I have a question, you who gave good comments, bởi you use any Xiaomi MI phone? You have no problem with Hafez Abri, this phone model is not for use in Asia, it is not for Iranians, we have inflation, embargo and high dollar price, Hafez Abri, this phone is only supported for 3 or 4 years. It makes it bad, you have to tướng charge it yourself, otherwise it will be disabled for the price of a dollar, otherwise you will lose the 128 or higher memory, only Xiaomi MI has this problem, otherwise you should

170 people found this review helpful