Let me tell you about my family. I live sầu with my mum, my dad & my big sister. We live sầu in California. My mum’s name is Carmen. She’s Mexican and she speaks English và Spanish. She’s a Spanish teacher. She’s short and slim, she’s got long, brown hair và brown eyes. My dad’s name is David. He’s American. He’s tall và a little fat! He’s got short brown hair and xanh eyes. He works in a bank. My sister Shania is 14 and she loves listening to lớn music. She listens to lớn music all the time! She’s got long brown hair & green eyes, like me. I’ve got long hair too. We’ve got a pet dog, Brandy. He’s blachồng và Trắng và very friendly.

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Write soon and tell me about your family.



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Let me tell you about my family. I'm so much proud to lớn tell you about them. We are a family of 4. I live sầu with my mum, my dad & my big sister. I love sầu all of them so much. My mum's name's Ann. She's 38. She's nurse. She has answer lớn all my question. I love sầu her so much. She's my angel. My father's name's Samvel. He's 43. She's got a shoes company and clothes siêu thị.. I so much proud of hlặng. My big sister's name's Lala. She's 18. She's very smart và clever. I love her so much beacuse she's my life. She's listening lớn music but everytime she busy for her homework. She's student in univercity. she'svery beatifull green eyes. I've sầu not got a pet. I don't lượt thích them.

yes of course . I live sầu with my parents i have sầu two sisters my big brother called Kadi is a policeman ,we live sầu in Algeria i've sầu got short black hair và brown eyes my small sister has got long brown hair & brown eyes she's got also a pet mèo called aywa, i love sầu my family

My family has 5 people: dad, mum, 2 younger sisters & me.My dad was born in 1965, he's 52. He's an built-worker. He's a very kind, warm father. He has blaông chồng skin because he works very hard every day from morning khổng lồ evening outside and under the sun khổng lồ earn money for living. That's why I love sầu dad so much.I also love my mother ♥ She's a beautiful, generous, talented woman. She has big blaông xã eyes, long curly hair & tanned skin. She's as tall as me. She's a worker and she works hard everyday lớn earn money.She usually scolds me & sisters but I can understvà the reason is she just want her children lớn be mature.I love sầu all members of my family ♥

Let me tell you about my family.....they are awsome.I have sầu 6 siblings and i am the fourth.Two sisters one brother & 2 little brothers.

Hello everyone ! I love my family very much. I've got mum , dad và brother .My mum is very kind .She is a hairdresser .And she has got short brown hair & brown eyes .She loves cooking .She cooks very good . My dad is a doctor .He is very good doctor .He loves khổng lồ read . I love my parents .And my small brother .He loves lớn discover new stuff .He is interested football & mathematics .I love my family!

Yah my family is big there's my father my mother three boys and three girls there's three members bigger than me and tow younger than in the center..!>

Hello Everyone,

let me introduce myself. My name is Micheal. I'm Mongolian. In my Family there's my dad, my mom, my little bro and me. My dad is tall and little fat. He is old, so i think he has lot of life experience. He is a my mentor :). My mom is beautiful và kindly person. She looks lượt thích me but of course she older than me :P.. My little brother is tall, handsome và smart. I'm so proud of him. I love my family. I really want khổng lồ study English very good. Help me guys, please.

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hi everybodyi'd lượt thích to lớn introduce myself. my name's annie. i'm come from vietphái mạnh. there are three people in my family: mother, old brother & me. my mother was die. now i'm living with my brother & my cousin. my brother is a shiper. he is not tall, not handsome, not rich but with me, he is a warm person. i love hlặng so much. i wish he would always be happy

hi guys,

Let me tell you about my family. I live with my mother, father, và little brother. We live sầu in Jakarta. My mother from Jakarta. She is short & slyên, she is got short hair và black eyes. My father come from Purwakarta. He is likes Chinese with trắng skin. We work in same building but different company. My brother loves everything about Japan. He is like father, handsome and tall. We have sầu got fishes as a pet with no name. Father always take care his fishes.

Today I will tell you to know about my family.there are four people in my family, included: my dad, mom, a young brother, & I.My father is a worker, he's got a short hair & strong toàn thân, his name is cuong. my mother's name is hoashe's got a long hair & pretty girl, she is housework. My young brother still study at high school, he plays football very well as I, now they live in my hometown, I live in an another place, it's far away from my trang chính, I really miss them, the first time I come to lớn a new place where I'm living, everything is new & difficult for me. I want to lớn come bachồng my hometown, I'm really alone now

About my family, my dad passed away when I was seven. My mum is ill in bed. I grew up an only child. I'm really alone now......

Oh, so sad. I know a frikết thúc whose dad passed away before she even knew what death meant. So sad... Anyways, how's your mom now? I hope she's better now, right? :(((

I feel really sorry to lớn hear that Elsa. I hope you'll become a proud star for them. You'd never be alone. I am with you. Always.

hello guys i'm long . i'm from indonesian. i will tell you about ma family, ma family have 4 peoples. ma fahter , ma mum , ma big brother , và ma brother . ma fahter is a policemvà lượt thích ma big brother . ma mum is housewife . she got long and black hair lượt thích me. and then last ma brother is student. indonesian has black hair , blaông chồng eyes .

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Hi,my name is Batoul.I live with my big family,it contains my mam,my dad,my 4 sister và my brother. My mam's name is Nada,she's a science teacher before và she is very strong woman.My dad is 61 years old,he's an English teacher before & now he's sick.My first & second sister are Lama and Lamãng cầu,they are Pharmatic and live in Russia.

Hi! I live sầu in house wih mum, big sister and grandmother. We live in Briansk, Russia. My mum's name is Natalia.She is 47 và work in a school. She is got short and broun hair, blue eyes. My sister's name is Elena. She is 24 and work in newspaper editoring. She is slyên, got blond hair & xanh eyes. She is vegetarian, so don't eat meat. My grandmother's name is Valentimãng cầu. She was a math teacher before. I love sầu my family!

Hello admins, will you help me?Is it okay khổng lồ say,My faimily is a father, mother and I. ?OrMy family members are...(ಠ_ʖಠ)

Hi Ken!!Let me see if I can help you too.The members of my family are my father, my mother & I.Family member(s) is a common error. It's not right khổng lồ use. Instead we should say members of family. OK.Also, we can say, My family consists of...... etc.I hope it helped you. ;);)

Hadia, I have a question. In one book, I don't know which, it was mentioned lượt thích "Lily was telling me about her family members" or something. Is it wrong?

Hi Ken, hadia và catastrophe!It"s so nice to see you chatting and helping each other with English as well. :) Depending on the context, it"s correct to say "family members", "members of the family", or "members of my family". We don"t say "My family is a mother..." but it is common khổng lồ say "There are four people in my family" or "There are four of us in my family". Best wishes, Joanmãng cầu (LearnEnglish Teens team)


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