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Our list of Roblox King Legacy codes is the perfect way to tướng start this sea-faring pirate adventure. We’ve gathered together every current in-game freebie ví you don’t have to tướng, whether we’re talking beli to tướng buy swords and fighting styles, or gems to tướng purchase powerful devil fruit. We even have the odd stat reset knocking about the list in case you need to tướng re-spec your character.

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Here are all the new King Legacy codes:

  • quickshutdown – 25 gems
  • Sub2Leepungg – 30 mins of two-times EXP and ten gems
  • 2MFAV – stat reset
  • Update4.7 – đôi mươi gems
  • Peodiz – 100k beli
  • DinoxLive – 100k beli

Expired codes:

  • Update4.6YAY
  • Thx4Waiting
  • 1MLikes
  • 2BVisits
  • 3xilescha1r
  • UPDATE4.5.3
  • 950KLIKES
  • 2023
  • delayedchristmas2022
  • UPDATE4.5.2
  • UPDATE4.0.2
  • UPDATE4.5.0
  • 900KLIKES
  • lagshallnotpass
  • 1MFAV
  • 650KLIKES
  • UPDATE3.5
  • Update3_17
  • 550KLIKES
  • Peodiz
  • DinoxLive
  • Update3
  • 500KLIKES
  • Update2_5
  • 900KFAV
  • 800KFAV
  • 700KFAV
  • 600KFAV
  • 300KLIKES
  • 400KLIKES
  • Update2_17
  • BeckyStyle

How tự I redeem King Legacy codes?

To redeem your King Legacy codes simply follow these steps:

  • Open King Legacy
  • Press the thực đơn button under your HP bar
  • Click the cog icon
  • Copy or type one of the King Legacy codes from our list into the code box below the menu
  • Enjoy your rewards!

What tự King Code Legacy codes offer?

King Legacy codes are gifts given by the developer, Venture Lagoons, and offer in-game rewards such as stat resets, gems, or beli. These codes often drop alongside updates, or when the game reaches a popularity milestone, ví be sure to tướng keep checking the list for new ones.

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Want more? Check out CodesDb for a powerful, searchable database of the latest game codes.

How tự I get more King Legacy codes?

The best place to tướng find King Legacy codes is on the official Discord server, which features the most recent. Either that or you can kiểm tra our list, as we’ll add new ones anytime they appear.

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