ninja làng lá

Ninja Lang La is an extremely attractive strategy game on the mobile platform. Because it is inspired by the extremely famous manga series around the world Na-ru-to. To better understand the features that the developer has integrated in the game, please follow the following article.

Introduction đồ sộ the game Nin-Ja Lang La

This is an extremely attractive role-playing strategy game on the mobile platform. Because it is inspired by the extremely famous manga series around the world Na-ru-to. When you join, you will participate in the process of creating the most powerful ninjas and protecting the village from bad guys.

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Ninja Lang La

Although it only carries a simple and familiar gameplay, the game still creates a strong attraction with the gaming community. In addition, you can also learn a part of the typical culture of nhật bản.

Here there are many different characters for players đồ sộ choose đồ sộ best suit their needs. But still have đồ sộ achieve the element of bringing high efficiency in many different situations. To bởi that, you need đồ sộ understand the opposite of attributes as well as have a specific strategy.

Outstanding features of the game Nin-Ja Lang La

To find out the most outstanding features of this game, please follow the following section:

Beautiful graphics

The game is designed with 2 chiều graphics that are extremely beautiful as well as sharp đồ sộ every small detail. Especially the costumes for the characters and the fighting map will not disappoint the player. In addition, the list system is also extremely streamlined đồ sộ help you easily manipulate even if it's the first time you join.

Beautiful graphics

Simple gameplay

The game has a very simple gameplay that anyone can participate in. When starting out, players will need đồ sộ make extra copies đồ sộ get the most basic lineup. Then start going đồ sộ fight with gamers or bosses.

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Various characters

At the beginning of the game you will be able đồ sộ choose for yourself 5 more characters đồ sộ accompany you. In particular, each ninja has different attributes đồ sộ combine into the most powerful team and complete the tasks given by the system.

In addition, the game also offers many different ways đồ sộ upgrade power that players can use. Therefore, you need đồ sộ consider which character đồ sộ choose đồ sộ put resources.

Various characters


The game's equipment system up đồ sộ 10 will be opened according đồ sộ each character's level. As you level up, you will get more powerful items. In addition, there are ways đồ sộ increase the strength of items such as inlays, purification.

Download now Nin-Ja Lang La game for Android/IOS

This game is extremely suitable for those who are passionate about Na-ru-to and lượt thích đồ sộ plow hoes đồ sộ increase the strength of the character. In particular, you can control the most powerful ninja yourself. At MODRADAR also gives players other extremely attractive games such as King of Ninjutsu and Lineage2M.

Answer some questions - FAQs game Nin-Ja Lang La

In this section you will get answers đồ sộ some of the most frequently asked questions while participating in this game.

Should I participate in the spins feature?

This is a feature that players need đồ sộ pay attention đồ sộ when participating in this game. Because, here you can earn a lot of character cards with great power. Therefore, players need đồ sộ accumulate a large amount of money and open it continuously đồ sộ increase the rate of strong champions.

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What attributes bởi the ninjas in the game have?

In the game, there are many different ninjas, but they all have one of the following attributes: Fire, wind, water and earth. These elements will interact đồ sộ counter each other, ví the damage dealt will be reduced by 25% if confronted. Therefore, you need đồ sộ determine who your opponent is and come up with a suitable squad.

How đồ sộ get the most materials đồ sộ increase strength?

In order đồ sộ increase the strength of the main character as well as his own equipment, an extremely large amount of materials is needed, especially when near the kết thúc. Just doing the plot will definitely not be enough, but you need đồ sộ fight in the copy anymore. With a large number of levels as well as high-level items, players will quickly gain strength.

Ninja Lang La is an extremely top game for those of you who have a passion and love for Na-ru-to. Will definitely help players get the most enjoyable experience with ninjas.