One pieêc vs fairy tail

One Piece is better but I hope people don"t start relentlessly lowballing FT because of Alvarez alone.

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senate: Fairy Tail

I found One Piece to lớn have sầu a relatively simple concept

I really enjoy the concept of wizard mercenaries forming clubs and gangs & shit

One Piece

Not even close

Anyone who says Fairy Tail clearly hasn"t seen enough One Piece or got to lớn the good part

It starts off kind off slow

No one bashing Fairy tail or saying its hot garbage yet? I"m surprised.

Both are great,especially Tartaros arc of Fairy tail and Marineford of One piece.

But Overall gotta One piece is a much better in terms of story telling than Fairy tail.

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One piece easily. I"m not really a huge tín đồ of FT but I don"t think its the worst manga of all time, especially when shit like Eromanga sensei exists, it definitely has some pretty cool character designs though.

The world building in One Piece is really interesting. There’s a lot going on. Plot teases, characters, và references return hundreds of chapters later with full blown story arches. If you’re patient, it’s really satisfying.

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Both have their moments & appeal. One Piece more for storytelling và character progression; Fairy Tail more for the unexpected adventure và magic abilities.


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