take off là gì

On average, a plane would land or take off every two minutes.

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Alternatively, one can take off the martenitsa earlier if one sees a stork (considered a harbinger of spring).

After a centuries long period of decline, the 19th century saw the area take off again.

Lightning is heard and they take off the balloon.

It had a grass surface for aeroplanes vĩ đại land and take off.

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The survivors and close relatives of those who died can take off from work or school vĩ đại attend the trial, which is scheduled for 10 weeks.

My friends wanted vĩ đại come with u, but were nervous about backpacking, taking off from work and staying in hostels.

The pay gap also exists due vĩ đại the type of industries people work in and the time women take off from work vĩ đại undertake caring roles.

Yet he has worked steadily vĩ đại rehab himself and show up taking off from work vĩ đại represent our country...

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