What is your favourite sport and why?

All of us have sầu, at some point in our life, played at least one sport. Playing a sport can be fun & beneficial to lớn our health as well, but not all of us play on a regular basis. However, whether you enjoy getting down in the dirt và playing a sport or relaxing in the couch & watching it, we can agree that all of us have sầu a favourite sport, và all of us love talking about it.

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Sometimes though, we all face problems when trying to lớn accurately convey exactly what we’re trying to lớn say.

Read on to lớn learn exactly what lớn say, lớn make your partner understand why you love sầu your favourite sport. Happy learning!

So, let’s start by taking a basic situation that all of us can relate lớn, và work from there.

*The Cricket World Cup has just started, and you are rooting* for your favourite team (Team India) to win*

Read on to lớn find the overall flow, specific vocabulary, phrases, và expressions that can be used for an effective & fluent conversation on this topic. Right below is your guide to lớn having an engaging conversation!

A conversation has specific phases that it goes through. Here is a quiông chồng look at what we suggest, khổng lồ guarantee you a smooth conversation.


Content : What is it that you are going to talk about?

Use the wh questions along with the từ khoá lớn help you put together the nội dung.

What is your favourite sport? – Basketball, Football, Rugby etc.Why vị you like the sport? – Fun khổng lồ play, teamwork, relaxing etc.Who is your favourite sports player? – Christiano Ronalbởi vì, Sachin Tendulkar etc.Why vì chưng you like him/her? – Style, technique, sportsmanship* etc.What sort of matches vày you play/watch – College football, Tđôi mươi cricket etc.

Choosing Contextual Vocabulary

Choosing contextual vocabulary khổng lồ suit the scenario you’re talking about can be very important when it comes lớn giving depth & clarity to what you’re trying to lớn say, as well as piquing* your partner’s attention. In this case, you’re talking about your favourite sport.

Listed below are a few words và phrases that could come in handy while elaborating on the sport you lượt thích. Additionally, the meanings of a few starred (*) words are given at the end of this article that you could also use!

PlayerRulesMatchPlaying fieldUmpire*TeamTeammatesEquipmentPracticeTechniqueSpeedEntertainmentTieSeason*Tournament*

Similarly. given below are a few descriptive sầu words & phrases that you could use to make your conversation more interesting!

Cthảm bại match*Quality entertainmentEventful seasonTop-notch* equipmentSupportive sầu teammatesEfficient teamworkUnbiased* umpireFair rulesTalented playersEven playing fieldBrilliant tournamentDisappointing tieSkilled techniqueDecisive* winnersAdmirable sportsmanship

Organizing the Content : Putting it all together khổng lồ create a comprehensive sầu picture

Now that we know what to talk about and the words to use, let us put them in a logical order.

Initiate the conversation by bringing up the sport you like, this could be done in many ways. One such way is given below.

The Cricket World Cup has just started, it’s my favourite sport, I can’t wait lớn watch it!

Express your excitement over the sport this could be why you brought the tuy vậy inkhổng lồ the conversation in the first place.

I’m so excited lớn watch India play, the team is in top form* this year.

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Talk about why you liked the sport – here are 5 examples of things you could say

I love the teamwork involved in football, it’s a great way lớn build team spirit.I love playing cricket, it reminds me of my childhood.There’s something about cricket that makes it really interesting lớn watch, you know?Playing basketball is great because it’s so much fun, it also acts as a áp lực buster* for meGolf is a really underrated sport, it requires so much skill & concentration, it’s difficult lớn play but rewarding.*

Tell your conversational partner why you think they should watch/play the sport, for example :-

You’re always complaining because you don’t underst& football references in conversations, well, the World Cup is starting, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to lớn finally underst& football. You should try basketball playing basketball, I think you’d be good at it.I heard you play tennis. You should try playing badminton, it would be a piece of cake* for you.You are quite fast at running, you should try playing cricket, I think you’d be good at it.You should watch the Cricket World Cup with me this year, it’ll be so much fun!

A Model answer would be as follows :-

The Cricket World Cup has just started, it’s my favourite sport, I can’t wait to watch it! I’m so excited to watch India play, the team is in top form this year. here’s something about cricket that makes it really interesting lớn watch, you know? It’s also a great sport to lớn play, it really gets my adrenaline* running. You should watch the Cricket World Cup with me this year, it’ll be so much fun!

Meaning of starred words

Rooting – SupportingPique – Arouse interestUmpire – An official who watches a game or match closely khổng lồ enforce the rules.Tournament – A competition involving a relatively large number of competitors, all participating in a sport or game.Cthua match – A match in which both teams had an almost equal chance of winning.Top-notch – First classUnbiased – FairDecisive sầu – DefiniteTop khung – In good shapeStress buster – Something that relaxes you.

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Piece of cake – Very easyAdrenaline running – Excitement while playing a sport.

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