Urbanization: an environmental force to be reckoned with


Urbanization is a process whereby populations move sầu from rural khổng lồ urban areas, enabling cities and towns khổng lồ grow. It can also be termed as a progressive sầu increase in the number of people living in towns and cities. It is highly influenced by the notion that cities and towns have achieved better economic, political, & social mileages compared to rural areas.

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Accordingly, urbanization is very common in developing và developed worlds as more & more people have sầu the tendency of moving closer to lớn towns and cities khổng lồ acquire “privileged” social and economic services as well as benefits. These include social & economic advantages such as better education, health care, sanitation, housing, business opportunities, & transportation.


Solutions to lớn Urbanization

1. Building Sustainable and Environmentally-friendly Cities

Governments should pass laws that plan và provide environmentally sound cities & smart growth techniques, considering that people should not reside in unsafe và polluted areas.

The objective here is to lớn build sustainable cities that embrace improved environmental conditions & safe habitats for all urban populations.

Governments should also encourage sustainable use of urban resources and support an economy based on the sustainable environments such as investment in green infrastructure, sustainable industries, recycling và environmental campaigns, pollution management, renewable energy, green public transportation, and water recycling and reclamation.

2. Provision of Essential Services

Urban stakeholders must ensure all populations within the urban areas have access lớn adequate essential social services namely education, health, sanitation and clean water, công nghệ, electricity, & food.

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The objective sầu here is khổng lồ provide & implement employment opportunities & wealth creation activities so that people can earn a living lớn pay for the maintenance of the services.

Subsidies can also be availed by the government khổng lồ lower the costs of basic healthcare, basic education, energy, education, public transportation, communication systems & giải pháp công nghệ.

3. Creation of More Jobs

To lessen the negative sầu effects of rapid urbanization while at the same time conserving natural ecosystems, private investments should be encouraged so as to utilize natural resources và create more job opportunities.

Tourism promotion and the sustainable exploitation of natural resources can create more jobs for urban populations. Subsidies và grants may as well be provided khổng lồ foreign & private investment in environmentally friendly development projects that encourage job creation.

4. Population Control

Key stakeholders in urban areas must provide campaigns and counseling for effective medical health clinics and family planning to help reduce the high rates of population growth.

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Medical health clinics oriented towards family planning options must be made accessible across the entire urban area with the objective of controlling diseases và population growth.

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