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Viết bài văn ngắn miêu tả về căn phòng của em bằng tiếng anh ( nếu dịch được thì càng tốt ) nhanh nhé mình cần gấp


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This is my room. The room is not too large, its area is only about 16m. On the left side of the room there is a bed. On the right side of the room there is a wardrobe and next to the wardrobe there is a fan. Opposite the door there is the shelf and next to the shelf there is desk. Under the desk there is a small drawer where I put the bag and all my school supplies in . Above the desk there is a window, this window lighting the whole room during the day, so I just need to turn on the lights at night.


Đây là phòng của tôi. Các phòng không phải là quá lớn, diện tích của nó chỉ là khoảng 16m. Ở phía bên trái của căn phòng có một cái giường. Ở phía bên phải của phòng có tủ quần áo và bên cạnh tủ quần áo có quạt máy. Đối diện với cửa có kệ và bên cạnh kệ có bàn làm việc. Dưới bàn làm việc có một ngăn kéo nhỏ nơi tôi bỏ túi và tất cả đồ dùng học tập của tôi vào. Phía trên bàn có một cửa sổ, cửa sổ này chiếu sáng toàn bộ căn phòng trong ngày, vì vậy tôi chỉ cần bật đèn vào ban đêm.

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My room is medium-sized (big enough to fit two single-beds), with laminated flooring. I love sky/baby blue, so I had the walls painted in that colour. The colour-scheme is primarily blue and white.

I have a lot of storage, which is good, because I have just too much stuff (which I want to get rid of). I must be a pack rat, lol. There"s a small built-in cupboard, where I keep my magazines, books (mainly romance genre, yet to be read, lol), shoes, and a few cleaning and laundry products. Recently, I"ve bought a couple of new furniture: three-door pine wardrobe (with a mirror on the middle door), and matching (and uniquely designed) chest of drawers. On the chest, is my radio, a lamp, a few cosmetics, small jewellery box, keepsakes/decorative items and a couple of pictures. A keyboard (which I cannot play.... yet) is on top of the wardrobe, along with a fibre optic lamp, which I love but barely use.

My bed has two big drawers built-in, where I store my remaining clothes and bedding. Two teddies happily sit on the wicket laundry basket (I am obsessed with cute things), which is at the end of the bed, which is somewhat close to my small transparent bin.

A few picture frames on the walls - a cute motivational poster with cute kids sharing a small kiss, two cute tiger cubs, a newspaper clip of me holding up a certificate (Yay, I was in the newspaper! I love poetry.), and finally a cat calendar (I love cats too). There"s also a cute silver clock, and a beautiful light blue lamp shade that everyone admires. And a small foldable blue chair.

Oh, and not forgetting the PC, printer, chair and desk! (Hardcore internet addict, lol)

Sounds crowded, doesn"t it? In fact, many people have commented that it is very neat and organised, though I have my stressful, messy days. I would say I"m in the average category when it comes to neatness. But I find I"m never completely organised/clutter-free. :-/

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