What would your dream school have in terms of the facilities and education?


My dream school would be the one wherein everything would be the way I would deem it to be. It would be the best school in the region & would have everything flawless about it.

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My dream school would be where I would be the principal of the school & would ensure discipline and fair play in the affairs of the school.

I would also ensure that the students not only are engrossed in their text books but also give time lớn sports & other activities for their overall development.

The Classrooms:

My dream schools would have sầu advanced classrooms for the students. With the advancement of giải pháp công nghệ, there has been a rise in the concept of e-classroom. I would have e-classrooms in my school in which everything shall run on giải pháp công nghệ. There would be a slide projector và an electronic lector for the teacher.

These would ensure that the students understvà the topics in a more interesting and thought-provoking way. The classrooms would also have sầu cthua thảm circuit surveillance cameras installed so that any kind of deviant behavior shall be addressed immediately.

The Teachers:

My dream school would have the best teachers employed for the students. I, being the principal of the school, would personally take the interviews of each và every teacher of the school và then appoint them. In the interview, I would not only kiểm tra their knowledge & grasp but also their ability to lớn respond khổng lồ an emergency situation and to provide an effective sầu solution.

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In my dream school, the teachers would not just give lectures khổng lồ the students; they would involve the whole class in the discussion so that everyone learns. Not only should the teachers ask questions but also the students. Knowledge is universal và everyone learns, be it a teacher or a student. Therefore, even a teacher should encourage questions from the students so that even he/she learns in the process.

Co-Curricular và Extra-Curricular Activities:

Co-curricular & extra-curricular activities are as important in a school as academics & lectures. In my dream school, I would have sầu regular sessions of writing, debating, poetry, literature etc. Students should not be mere book-worms. They should participate in every other activity. Separate classes shall be held for those students who have sầu interests in singing, nhảy và acting.

Engagement in such activities will lead to lớn the overall development of the students & will broom up their personality. Knowing about different social, economic và cultural aspects will give the students a whole new perspective on issues associated with these spheres.


My dream school will be the one where students will not only receive sầu education but will be given a platkhung khổng lồ showcase their talents và broom up their personalities. It will help in preparing each & every student of the school to lớn be a better citizen in future.

My dream school will propagate the igiao dịch of discipline, responsibility, honesty, integrity & faith. The teachers would motivate the students khổng lồ pursue their interests & hobbies and develop their passions.

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